Wreckage of IAF's missing AN-32 spotted in Arunachal Pradesh



NEW DELHI: The wreckage of the Antonov-32 that went missing eight days ago has finally been “located” in a remote mountainous area in Arunachal Pradesh, in a development that may eventually bring at least some closure to the families of the six officers and seven other personnel on board the ill-fated medium transport aircraft.

新德里: 8天前失踪的安-32运输机残骸最终被“定位”在“阿邦”的一个偏远山区,这一事态发展终于还是给这架中型运输机上的六名军官和其他七名人员的家属带来了音讯。

The IAF plans to “heli-drop” some Garud commandos, mountaineers and other personnel near the crash site, around 16-km north of Lipo, north-east of Tato in the West Siang district of Arunachal, after the wreckage was “spotted from the air” by Mi-17 helicopters on Tuesday afternoon. “Efforts are underway to establish the status of the 13 personnel on board,” said an officer.



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Devbrat Pradhan• 12 hours ago

Thanks sir Pumek for sharing a vital information. We pray and hope there could be survivors. Aswell we pray for the rescue team to come back safely.



sandeep sunny• 16 hours ago

Isro claims that soil quality and under ground mines can be analysed by earth observation satellites. how come they don't find wreckage? one week time to find wreakage in this age of tele communication is not acceptable.


Balidan• New Delhi • 14 hours ago

I am sure that its easy to make statement but there might be REAL challenges. The entire world could not find the lost Malaysian plane so pretty sure that its not straight forward.


Sandeep • Balidan • Hyd

Malaysian plane didnt lost in mainland.

Accept the truth.




Manmohan Sreedhar

Please don’t jump to conclusions without a proper understanding of technical matters. IAF was not looking for a crashed aircraft on a flat plain. Remember this location is at an altitude of 12,000 feet on a montain slope with dense forests.



Subash Chandra Bose • California

indians cannot manufacture a quality car, where can they try to make choppers or jets? they cannot even copy and produce like china. only good at barking and protesting for everything

越南人造不出好车,哪会造直升机和喷气式飞机呢? 中国人至少会山寨,越南人连山寨都不会,只会抗议,抗议....

Blacky Paki

INDIANS cars through TATA MOTORS / MAHINDRA are world class where as your beggar Pakistan cannot even make a cycle tyre nor can stand on own legs , living on other nation''s borrowed money shamelessly...



Gatothkach • India • 16 hours ago

What''s the use of so many radars if you can''t track your planes. There should be a distress beacon in every plane.



Manmohan Sreedhar0

Ground radars were operational. Thats why the search location could be localised. The slow pace of several previous governments is to blame for the poor state of IAF. It will take a while to recover




Ageing aircrafts were not replaced because all the money were stolen to make someone the 4th richest lady in the world.



Hindustani • hindustan

IAF is Force to use aging fleet of AN-32 and all thanks to con-gress for not buying new and advanced plane. desh ko lootne se time mile tab kahi aur nazar milena


arpan walter• 4 hours ago

ok congress was looted india....but now what bhag janta peetegi is doing. Why they are not buying the new aircrafts and what they are doing with satellites. Why they are not using those satellites. Blaming congress everytime is not right.



Vladimir • NYC • 14 hours ago

India is way backward in defence tech. They are highly dependent on US and Russia which wont sell them the best products.. of course.



Tanmay Chakrabarti • 14 hours ago

RIP. Why India is still using AN 32, a forty years old plane?


Okman• India • 3 hours ago

Sonia Gandhi



Amandeep Garcha • 15 hours ago

The plane was behind clouds the modi ideology thats why it was not detected by radar i am not a congressman and not a bjpian


Manmohan Sreedhar• 12 hours ago

I think its shameful to joke about this tragedy



Bronz Body • kanpur • 12 hours ago

We took 8 days and still we are unable to extract dead bodies (if left any from wild animals). What kind of superpower we are? We can''t find our own plan on our on soil? What should we expect next?






arpan walter • 4 hours ago

@manmohan.. why they are not using the satellites then?



Manmohan Sreedhar• 12 hours ago

Please read and understand something about the subject before commenting negatively. Taking 8 days is perfectly understandable given this plane didnt have locational beacons or ELT. Secondly, the location is at 12,000 feet altitude on the side of a montain which is thickly wooded. The army estimates 2-3 trek on foot to get their because of terrain. Helicopter cannot land at the site. Tomorrow they are heli-dropping commandos. This is about the best possible in the circumstance



Mudi JiGujriot • 5 hours ago

@manmohan are we living in stone age? Why doesn't an IAF aircraft have locational system? Even kaali peeli taxi have that today.



Manmohan Sreedha • 11 hours ago

If you understand the details of the terrain, you will appreciate that eight days is quite efficient.



Rajiv Tiwari • 12 hours ago

Thank God andh bhakt will say plane was taken by clould



Gururaj Babu • 16 hours ago

These are all the fault of the many years of Congress govt . They showed expenditure in defense but not implement it .



Bronz Body• kanpur • 11 hours ago

5 years past what feku done?



Abhay Nair• 16 hours ago

Then why didn't BJP retire these planes?



Ramvinod Singh • aurangabad • 15 hours ago

The talented people want to move out of armed forces as the forces on the name of having selection boards give merit to academics rather than field service and experience... in our armed forces there are people who are tigers on the paper... as it is what is promoted.. These kind of failures and accidents will keep happening when merit is overshadowed by flattery..


R B• 10 hours ago

Yeah all nepotism in the selection.These top chaddis should be court marshalled and well educated,honest,professional people should be inducted in IAF.



Prakash Kulkarni • Philadelphia • 7 hours ago




Sajeev • Ghaziabad • 11 hours ago

China behind this.


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