'Mind reading' chip unveiled in China could soon let you control your smartphone or PC with your thoughts


A mind-reading chip that let you control a computer by just thinking has been unveiled at a conference in China.

Dubbed Brain Talker, works by picking out small electrical pulses in the brain and quickly decoding them into signals that a computer can interpret.

The chip could be used to control computers, smartphones and other devices, its creators say.

It also has potential medical, education, security and entertainment applications, they add.

However, the information released so far on the chip and exactly how it operates is limited.






The Brain Talker chip has been jointly developed by Tianjin University and the China Electronics Corporation.

These kinds of brain–computer interfaces are design to let a person control a computer, smartphone or other electronic device using their brainwaves alone — without needing any form of verbal instruction, movement, or button pressing.

Brain interfaces would not only allow for the faster operation of various technologies, but also be used to assist people with disabilities, for example by letting an individual drive an electric wheelchair just by thinking.

'Brain-computer Interfaces hold a promising future,' said Dong Ming, dean of Tianjin University's Academy of Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine.





'The Brain Talker chip advances brain-computer interface technology, allowing it to become more portable, wearable and accessible to the general public,' he added.

The brain decoding chip works by picking out minor neural electrical signals within the cerebral cortex and rapidly translate them into a form that the computer an understand.

'This brain-computer codec chip has the ability to discriminate minor neural electrical signals and decode their information efficiently, which can greatly enhance the speed and accuracy of brain-computer interfaces,' said Dr Ming.




Existing applications of brain–computer interface technology have included controlling a robotic arm to help people with paralysis write and feed themselves.

On a more frivolous front, Netflix revealed in 2017 that it had developed a mind-reading headband that selected shows to watch based on the wearer's thoughts.

Recent advances in both integrated circuits and computational neuroscience have allowed researchers to develop the Brain Talker chip so it is both smaller and operates faster, more precisely and with greater efficiency than existing brain–computer interfaces.

Although it is not clear exactly how the device will be worn, most brain–computer interface devices are worn on the outside of the body, rather than being embedded directly into the user's brain.





Cheng Longlong, a data scientist from the China Electronics Corporation, said that the research team will 'endeavour to enhance the performance of the Brain Talker.'

'One day brain-computer codec chips will contribute to medical treatment, education, self-discipline, security as well as games and entertainment,' he added.




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Josephlive88, singapore, Singapore, 4 days ago

Now hacker can hack while they are on the move?



britishbirds, Accrington, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

find it difficult to use in London



NotSoSilentMajority, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

I'm in big trouble if it can read my mind.



whalay, Abuja, Nigeria, 5 days ago

Then they wouldn't have to ask your consent on Cookies no more. Are we that lazy now?



CHAS, Hampshire, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Wait until someone hacks into the chip and starts to control you.



Buttered_Scone, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 5 days ago

In the hand, on the skin and then under the skin. AI and learning tech needs to be fed by many nodes



Here_we_go_again, Manchester, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Or conversely could let China control you via your Huawei Smartphone with their "thoughts". Coming soon, Huawei "little red book" special edition smartphone.......



The Fox, Larimore, United States, 5 days ago

It may sound disturbing, but it's from China. So you know it will be... a soul destroying dystopian nightmare! That country is becoming truly frightening and what's worse is our tech companies are helping them create this techno-hell.



CONbotfisherman, wowlookwhobitthehooktoday, United States, 6 days ago

Let's you control the device with your thoughts AND lets whoever log and data track your personal thought patterns.... yeah how great. This is why we are doomed. Innovation without any thought regard or view as to what it could lead to.



Pendrag00n, Jacksonville, United States, 6 days ago

Made in China and you are going to connect to your Brain? That's like ordering an under water 110/220v light from China, and trusting to put your hand in the water 6 months later, with the light on LOL



Time is Entropy Gain, Third-D surface hypersphere, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

Huaweii is now working on how to make this technology work the other way round.



jim pilgrim, Born and Bred in Lancs EU, France, 5 days ago

WOW - I can do that already . I just think "Turn It Off"- and my hand does it ! All the way down there at the end of my arm !



George McSwinton, Edgewater, United States, 6 days ago

How soon before we can control other humans?



SmellYaLater, Jalapeno, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Even your thoughts won't be safe and secret soon.



Money for schools, USA, United States, 5 days ago

I definitely don't want any chips in my body.



jim pilgrim, Born and Bred in Lancs EU, France, 5 days ago

<< humans will be able to seamlessly connect their brains to a cloud of computers to glean information from the internet in real-time >> . The problem is they will need their own brain to FUNCTION to make USE of that information. Until the human brain intervenes to arrange it structurally and cognitively - it is only "data" it is not "information". If you have infinite data it will take infinite time to sort for information.



VoiceUvReality, ToonTown, United States, 5 days ago

Facebook already filing a patent for the API that will allow them to track your thoughts...



Lunenburg, Montevideo, Uruguay, 4 days ago

Good for you. Now give a thought to someone paralysed from the neck down. Maybe this can help them.



Stephen Yucky-Loser, Mancy Land, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

i control my smart phone with my thoughts and then i use arms and fingers to convey that control onto the phone. I think that is possibly why the germans call a mobile phonesa "handy".



jim pilgrim, Born and Bred in Lancs EU, France, 5 days ago

I think you are onto something. But keep it secret. (I also noticed the built-in on-off command, it's there if you are smart enough to find it., but most people don't)



first name last name, Dallas, United States, 6 days ago

Lets you control the chip or lets China control you?



Bigmouth29, Sheerness, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

No doubt apple will patent something similiar



UK Cubana, Near Nashville, United States, 6 days ago

Let that become a gadget sold everywhere to anyone someday and imagine the divorce rate sky rocket.



DannyUK, UK, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

Well that would certainly solve the movement for VR at least but I don't see it becoming mainstream for a very long time.



fight_the_nwo, London, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

I think people should spend less time on their phone.... not integrate with it! Aren't social media and the like just getting boring now? I've noticed less and less people posting lately. It's much better to just meet up with people!



Gooner95, Bromley, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

And let them hack in, in the other direction? Brain > phone..... hacker > phone > brain. I'll stick to finger & thumb and leave you with four words - Rise of the Cybermen



Bigmouth29, Sheerness, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

Apple, Dell, Cissco, to name a few companies use goods from China along with the majority of the components in your car, tv, computer, medical goods come from the same place.



keep it froody, Anti Kardashian League Leader, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

So mind control takes a step closer.



markypoos1, Ipswich, United Kingdom, 6 days ago

Then they can download our thoughts and control us



Conner Emery, Urethra, United States, 6 days ago

The thought police release their weapon against humanity.


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