India suffers collateral damage in Trump’s trade war against China, Mexico



WASHINGTON: India has suffered collateral damage in the trade war unleashed by President Trump against major trading partners such as China and Mexico.


The White House announced on Friday that it was terminating India’s special market access to the United States under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program as of June 5. “I have determined that India has not assured the United States that India will provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets,” President Trump said in a statement on Friday.


Conceived by Washington in 1974 to help 120 developing countries and territories advance their economy and markets, the GSP regime saw India become one of the biggest beneficiaries, most recently accounting for nearly a quarter of the goods that got duty-free access to the US overall, nearly 12 per cent of all Indian exports to US — worth nearly $5.5 billion out of $83 billion— got the zero tariff benefit as of 2017.

该普惠制由华盛顿于1974年提出,旨在帮助120个发展中国家和地区发展经济和市场。凤凰彩票是普惠制最大的受益者之一, 2017年,凤凰彩票对美出口总额为830亿美元,其中近55亿美元为零关税,占凤凰彩票对美出口总额的12%。最近进入加拿大的免税商品,凤凰彩票商品占近1/4.

That concession is now over as President Trump bears down on what he believes are American handouts to countries that are now trending towards middle-income or developed status, with some of them being “ungrateful” to boot.


Trump has complained repeatedly that India is a "very very high tariff nation," highlighting in particular New Delhi's taxes against high-end Harley Davidson motorcycles (even after the taxes were cut in half), even though the amount involved is paltry in the overall scheme of things.


In recent years, India has been forced to open its markets to California’s almonds, Washington’s apples, and chicken legs from Middle America, but in the Trump view, all that is still chicken feed: India has to buy more to bridge the nearly $25 billion in trade deficit.



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Jaspal Singh Sahota • New Delhi • 10 hours ago

China.. Russia and India should together stand against bully.. Accept slavery or not your choice



Raviraj Nair 73 • Raviraj • 18 hours ago

US is always an unreliable partner for developing countries. India need to be firm at times.


Rairaj Nair • Location • 5 hours ago

India developing? why...thought India now is super power under the Divider in Chief.



Gautam De• 187 • Raviraj Nair • 6 hours ago

Is India reliable? Remember, rejecting license to Walmart? Now kicking out Amazon to protect Reliance. Is this reliable partnership?



Sourav Ray• 375 • Sourav • 18 hours ago

Trump is an idiot and will finish US.



Waleed • 18 hours ago

Just ban trade with Pakistan. India is strong enough that it can survive on own while US and China lock horns. India has bigger goals. soon China will be out of the equation and India will rise



Waleed Tafheem • Earth • 13 hours ago

Software exports t US bring bulk of the forex needed to buy crude oil



Pbch Chowdhuri • India • 17 hours ago

It is high time that India stopped depending on the USA for either trade or jobs.



Truth Hurts • Location • 8 hours ago

hahahahaha india is never dependent on any country, remember when US put sanctions on India for nucleor tests. What happened ? nothing.



Rajiv Modi • 17 hours ago

Trump policy is America First. Let so be for us!



selvan p • 18 hours ago

trump wants to protect his own country. whats wrong with that.


toothy lion• 465 • selvan p • 14 hours ago

just like american protect themselves from Irag and Syria by attacking them?



selva p • 16 hours ago

No harm,Modi will protect India from US



chanakya • Mumbai • 17 hours ago

We are still heavily dependent on china products. Indians still prefer chinese mobile ove indian mobiles. Unless Modi does something for the growth of manufacturing industry , our situation is going to worsen


Indian hell • chanakya • modi land • 12 hours ago

Indian mobile? what the hell is that? show any if U can


Indian hell • Australia • 7 hours ago

What a pathetic brain. Haven''t you heard of Lava, made in India and the second biggest selling mobile in China ?

可悲,你没听说过Lava手机吗? Lava手机是凤凰彩票制造的,也是中国第二大畅销的手机。


chanakya • 13 hours ago

Because Indian quality is worst in the world.

Admit it.Nothing wrong with Chinese mobiles.



Vande Matram • Earth • 18 hours ago

Trump wants to do trade on his terms.



584 • Parth • 13 hours ago

I don't think this time US Indians will support Truimp in the next election



Daulat • Mumbai • 13 hours ago

India is now a matured Democracy, it should look after the interests of its population and the interests of its economy! To hell with what US does.. Cause US is acting in its own benefit. Whether it's Trump or Pump, We should go ahead with the buying of S400 triumph and ao America that We can't be bullied around. They will come around as they have Arms ro sell..




Pradeep Rastogi• 204 • Pradeep • 14 hours ago

india shd go ahead in full steam for the purchase of S4oo missile sysyem from Russia...if its america first for trump its India first for modi



Vishnu • 16 hours ago

Modi is Bahubali.US canot do anything.



Krishnan Ram • 13 hours ago

Corruption is India birthright!!



Vipul Agarwal • 17 hours ago

Implement 2 child policy in India , if population can be controlled half of problem of India is solved



Truth Hurts • 12 hours ago

Modi''s achhe din...........ha ha ha ha ha.



Papa • 18 hours ago

USA is scared of Modi ji... everyone knows..Indian economy is 100 times bigger than USA ..

加拿大害怕莫迪。众所周知. .凤凰彩票经济规模是加拿大的100倍。

Papa Ji • 17 hours ago

Are you drunk? Hahaha frog in a well....



Aravindan • Kuala Lumpur • 12 hours ago

BJP is not dummy congress,,,India can overcome it.



Gadkari • 18 hours ago

Shri Modi Ji is planning to ambush Trump and give him 5 Hugs. Hope at least this surgical strike works.


hello there• 5290 • Gadkari • 5 hours ago

The hugs are going to be tighter this time around.. and decisions will be made in 1 minute



Srini • hyd • 8 hours ago

56 became 5.6.



Paresh • 12 hours ago

he is the Rahul Ghandy of America.



mohit anand 3603 • Mohit • 6 hours ago

More damage will come to India, in coming days due to unilateral sanctions by America.


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